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Publisher: Bluejack

February, 2008 : Editorial:

Notes on Resurrection

It's Saturday evening, and the people at this year's RadCon (in lovely Pasco, Washington) know me as a fixture on the 2nd floor of wing two. I've been sitting in the carpetted hallway all day because this is where I can get wifi.

The goal was to take a two month hiatus during which we would redesign the site.

Mistakes, as Calvin once said, were made.

But then, eventually, we were going to launch at the beginning of the year.

And then at the beginning of February.

And then on Thursday before I headed off to RadCon.

Jay Presses the Button

Jay Lake relaunches IROSF by pressing the Big Red Button

Well, here we are. In a few minutes, Jay Lake will press the button and our long hiatus will be over. (A few minutes after that, we hope to upload images of said button pressing, so hopefully by the time you read this there will be documentation of the event. Publishing for the Internet is a little like having the ability to travel in time.)

But here's the facts of the matter: we're not all the way back to life yet. You will notice, on the front page, there are still placeholders. There are still unfinished features.

Here's the good news: most of the pain of this redesign was due to rewriting important parts of the site so they could be extended to other magazines, and so they could be better used to build on for new features. So, while it may look like we're returning to life half-finished, a growling Frankenstein of a web site, the truth of the matter is the hard work is all done.

From here on out, you can return often and watch nifty new features popping into place, and with the new editorial tools we have, it should be far, far easier on the editors to put out new issues.

If you happen to be an author or reviewer, you can experience just a little of the magic now: have something to submit? Go to your "My Account" page and upload your submission. Watch it flow through our editorial process!

(One of the worst things about the long hiatus: I, personally, was so focussed on getting the infrastructure built, the design implemented, the features working that I lost touch with many authors. If you have a submission in with us that you've never heard back on, I probably have it queued up in my todo list, but that todo list is several hundred items long. So, recommendation: use the new upload process to resubmit.)

If you encounter blank pages, server errors, or bizarre behavior, feel free to drop a note in the forums: we probably know about it, and will be queing up fixes nearly every day to make everyone's experience better.

Administrative details aside: it's great to be back! I am as enthusiastic as ever, and we're all looking forward to getting the remaining wrinkles ironed out. I look forward to hearing what you like or don't like about the new site. I look forward to seeing new issues come rolling off the press each month this year.

Most of all: I look forward to the energetic discussion of the literature, the art, the community, and the ideas of the several speculative genres.

Because truly, the worst thing for me about not having published these last seven months has been this: there's been no IROSF to read.

Copyright © 2008, Bluejack. All Rights Reserved.

About Bluejack

Bluejack resides in Seattle. In addition to publishing the Internet Review of Science Fiction, he herds cats for an Internet startup, designs and develops distributed software applications, and dabbles in a broad range of less useful endeavors.


Feb 19, 03:59 by IROSF
Feel free to post your feedback on the new IROSF here!

The editorial can be found here.
Feb 19, 04:24 by Jed Hartman
Welcome back!
Feb 19, 04:25 by Bluejack
Feb 19, 08:34 by Jakob Drud
Congratulations on the relaunch!
Feb 19, 09:18 by Mario Guslandi
I'm happy and thrilled. I missed IROSF. You'll hear from me soon with a new review submission...
Feb 19, 10:18 by Christina Francine
I'm so glad you're back! I missed IROSF. Love the new look. Good job all.
Feb 19, 20:54 by Janine Stinson
A pleasure to see IRoSF back in the aether, and the new design rox. :)
Feb 20, 04:57 by Bob Blough
i have to add that it looks great and the time of not reading IROSF may have been worth it for the long term benifits. (Note I said may -I did miss readng it!)
Feb 20, 06:20 by Bluejack
I hope that's true! We'll see.

And for those of you counting bugs, we have the submission process working now: you can submit material directly through your My Account section now.
Feb 20, 12:06 by Daniel M. Kimmel
Glad to see you back and looking so spiffy. And the timing couldn't be better. I have an essay in SmartPop's new book "Batman Unauthorized" which should be hitting stores soon, and my bio includes my happy association with IROSF.
Feb 20, 20:37 by Michael-Xavier Maelstrom

Kudos on the new Web-fu.

(that'd be like Kung Fu, not the other kind of FU - Ed)

Yes, thank you for explaining the painfully obvious Ed.

(no problem, more than my job's worth - Ed)

Please Go Away Ed.

Yes, Welcomen Back lads! looking forward to more great IROSF reviews, essays und otehr assorted works!

P.S. an IROSF membership kit. (there isn't one - Ed) I want one. (ah - Ed)

I'm still waiting for my Doctor Steel club membership stickers, but my point being (and surprisingly he does have one - Ed) I signed up for one.

and although I'm hesitant to use myself as any sort of guide for mass inclination, I have a sneaking suspicion that properly constructed membership kits (I.D card, patch, stickers, autographs from IROSF contributors/regs and the like) might act as a catalyst for memberships.

Market research required to confirm no doubt, but at any rate sugg heretountofor submitted for your consideration.

Good to see you back.

Michael Xavier Maelstrom.
Feb 20, 20:55 by Robert Bee
Glad to see the new issue. I missed IROSF the last few months. I will be submitting again soon.
Feb 20, 22:56 by Bluejack
Thanks everybody! I like the idea of a membership kit!!
Feb 21, 08:11 by susie hawes
Congrats!! Nice to see you back.
Feb 21, 13:08 by Andreas Flögel
Great to have you back again!
In the beginning of the hiatus I came back often, to see, what happend, but finally stopped visiting.
But the info on locus-online (thanks for that) brought me back.

Best wishes,
Feb 21, 20:16 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
Hurray! Now I can waste more time at work!

Feb 22, 05:02 by Normand D. Paquin
The Milky Way was a lonely place without IROSF.

Welcome back.


Feb 23, 20:27 by George Oliver
Great to see IROSF back! Looking good.
Feb 24, 00:47 by Bluejack
Once again: thank you, thank you to everyone. It really means a lot to know that people care.
Feb 26, 01:53 by Lyn Aspey
Hi Blunt, I've just had the chance to visit the site. It's *really* great to see IROSF up and running again. Very cool relaunch. Congratulations to you and the whole team. Looking forward to many more. All the best, Lyn Aspey.
Feb 28, 22:43 by Ross Ashley
Yay, you're back! Looks good, too.
Mar 1, 23:59 by Lucius Sorrentino
Welcome back! (learned about the relaunch at Locusonline). Hang in there and keep up that good work.

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