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Publisher: Bluejack

June, 2008 : Editorial:

News, Editorial Changes, and Romania

Welcome to, ah, June.

If you noticed that May came and went without an issue, that's because we didn't have Stacey yet. Now we have Stacey Janssen, taking the lead as Managing Editor, and I think that's going to be what we need to keep IROSF flowing.

Some months ago I took a new job at a little start-up called Evri, and we're now in the thick of putting the finishing touches on our beta-stage project. Part of the deal was I would work one day a week on publishing, which for the most part means IROSF, but it's been a good month since I was realistically able to take that day.

And so, long story short, it simply makes no sense for me to try fix bugs at IROSF, develop the new features we've been promising, and run the show. It doesn't work. Some weeks ago I put out a plea for help and Stacey stepped up, which is a good thing, because there have been dark moments when I scrunch down and think, "I'm not going to get this issue out, I don't know how I'm ever going to get another one out; maybe I should just throw in the towel."

And then I'd think, "But I don't want to throw in the towel." And I'd reflect on all the email I've received over the years encouraging this project.

So: Stacey to the rescue!

Stacey has been working various editorial roles over at Æon Speculative Fiction, so I know her work ethic and trust her sensibilities. I look forward to spending the hours I do have for IROSF directly on fixing and finishing the site, and I look forward to working with Stacey as she gets to know our regular contributors, and cultivates some new ones.

But wait, there's more!

Have you seen our News feature? Marti and Brent are doing a great job of collecting breaking Science Fiction news from around the world. Check it out! Bookmark it! Add it to your RSS reader! (Oh, wait, I haven't added that feature yet... darn it.)

And that's not all!



Science fiction in Romania. Turns out they love it there. In the old "Eastern Bloc" countries, Science Fiction was, among other things, a vehicle for social and political discussion that was just oblique enough to skip under the radar of governmental control. Fans of the Polish author Stanislaw Lem know what I'm talking about.

Well, apparently enthusiasm for Science Fiction is alive and well in Romania, and IROSF is very pleased to be teaming up with the like-spirited crew over at RomaniaSF online. We hope to get an occasional peek into the world of Romanian SF, and some articles published here, with the approval of our authors, will be translated into Romanian and published there.

It makes me wish I spoke Romanian!

Copyright © 2008, Bluejack. All Rights Reserved.

About Bluejack

Bluejack resides in Seattle. In addition to publishing the Internet Review of Science Fiction, he herds cats for an Internet startup, designs and develops distributed software applications, and dabbles in a broad range of less useful endeavors.


Jun 3, 04:00 by IROSF

So, what do you think of this issue?

Please give Stacey Janssen a big round of applause... it might not have happened without her.

The editorial can be found here.
Jun 11, 20:09 by Bluejack
Note, our first major Romanian translation is up!

Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold's Anatomy of an Idea.
Jun 11, 20:18 by Marti McKenna
Yay Stacey! Yay Romania!

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