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Publisher: Bluejack

January, 2009 : Editorial:

The Old Pyramid Scheme

Now With 50% Less Scheme!

Welcome to Big Bad 2009!

This is going to be a great year for us. You may or may not have noticed that we have been coming out on time (the first Tuesday of the month) for quite a few months now, and we intend on keeping up with this trend,with one difference: with the new year and shifting schedules as they are, we will now be coming out on the first Wednesday of each month. Other than that change, you can expect to see us coming out with the same consistency we've managed these last few months. That's right—expect 2009 to be the year that we successfully put out a full twelve issues! We're very proud of our accomplishments over the last year and we hope that you are, too. As we continue to take steps to try to improve ourselves, we always try to keep in mind that we're doing it to better serve you—the SF community.

Of course, we can only manage to keep serving you and actually put out all twelve issues if we have the funding to do so. Tell your friends about our advertising space or buy some for yourself. Get yourself an IROSF button, make a small donation, or—if you can't help in any monetary way—just spread the word.

Telling people about IROSF will attract more readers and not only will more readers mean more people to participate with in the forums, it could potentially lead to more advertisers which would help us on our way to not asking you for money every other month—and who isn't tired of hearing about our financial woes? I mean, really?

So that's your goal this month—yes, you in the chair, I'm giving you a goal—tell a couple friends about us. Send someone a link to one of our articles. Become our fan on Facebook, or just post our link on yours. Blog about us. Talk about us. Spread the word. It's a proven fact* that talking about your favorite SF website can help shed those holiday pounds, so help us ring in the new year by extending our readership. It's a simple investment that just might give us—and you—exactly what we all need.

*"Proven fact" in this particular context should be taken to mean "entirely speculative and probably false."

Copyright © 2009, Stacey Janssen. All Rights Reserved.

About Stacey Janssen

Stacey was born and raised in Southern California. She worked dispatch for several years before moving to Seattle in 2006, and graduated from Seattle University with a BA in Creative Writing in 2009. She now writes video game content by day. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Internet Review of Science Fiction.


Jan 7, 06:53 by IROSF
Thoughts on the magazine in general or the editorial specifically? Leave 'em here.

Editorial is here.
Jan 7, 10:10 by Daniel M. Kimmel
I'll be on panels at three cons this winters (Arisia, Boskone, Lunacon) and I'll proudly wear my IROSF t-shirt at each!

More to the point, if getting the word out is the idea, a relatively inexpensive way to do it is to have flyers on the freebie table. It could include an article or the table of contents from a recent issue with the URL on where to get more.
Jan 7, 16:52 by D. Nicklin-Dunbar
I look forward to getting a full twelve issues to waste my time at work with! One small nit pick though, I subscribe to the RSS feeds and while the forums feed is updating, the article feed is not. It would be super handy to have the articles on my iPhone as well as my computer.
Looking forward to more IROSF in 2009!
Jan 7, 17:36 by Bluejack
Thanks, I'll look into what's messing up the articles feed.
Feb 3, 17:08 by Bluejack
Testing the new in-article comments form. Works... mostly.
Feb 3, 20:53 by Marti McKenna
Wow, this is a great editorial! :)
Feb 3, 21:28 by Stacey Janssen
Thanks. :)

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