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Publisher: Bluejack

May, 2009 : Editorial:

New Homes

Summer's almost here!

Or, it is if you don't live in Seattle, in which case summer is considering a visit and would really like to come, but just hasn't booked the flight yet. Readers in the southern hemisphere or the tropics may substitute the season of your choice. We do hate to be Northernist, but it happens.

April was an unfortunate month for SF in that we lost two excellent—but very different—authors: J.G. Ballard and Ken Rand. As a community, we feel the loss of these great men together. When members of our community pass, we at IROSF always feel honored to be able to share a personal, intimate portrait when we're able to. In this case, we share with you an obituary for Ken Rand by Patrick Swenson, who was not only Ken's publisher, but also his personal friend.

This month, we’ve also got interviews with Jay Lake and Steve and Melanie Tem, plus Signals, Parallax, and plenty of reviews.

As usual, we're continuing to make internal improvements to the operations of IROSF. Our most recent event involved moving our office out of the Pioneer Building here in Seattle. If you need to send us an ARC—or anything else that requires a stamp—you can find our new address on the FAQ page.

Remember that we've got a few new designs up at our Café Press store, with more to come in the future. Keep an eye out.

We hope that Spring has been treating you well and, as ever, that you enjoy this month's IROSF.

Copyright © 2009, Stacey Janssen. All Rights Reserved.

About Stacey Janssen

Stacey was born and raised in Southern California. She worked dispatch for several years before moving to Seattle in 2006, and graduated from Seattle University with a BA in Creative Writing in 2009. She now writes video game content by day. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Internet Review of Science Fiction.


May 7, 05:32 by IROSF
Comment below!
May 8, 09:32 by susie hawes
Here in Texas, it's been summer for a month and a half. :P
May 8, 13:51 by Bluejack
Well, one thing about Seattle: when Summer does arrive it's 3-4 months of absolute paradise. Some parts of the country, Summer isn't really something to look forward to.
Jun 10, 10:20 by
That is kinda interestiong

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