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Publisher: Bluejack

November, 2009 : Editorial:

Trampling Through Leaves

Fall has always been my favorite season, and living close to downtown Seattle means I do a lot of walking to get where I'm going. I don't know that I ever really appreciated fallen leaves so much as I do this season—every day on my way to work, I trample through the haphazard piles (yes, "trample"—I am not the most graceful of women) and can't help but smile. It just puts me in such a good mood and reminds me how important it is to appreciate the small things.

IROSF is sort of trampling through leaves of its own right now. We're undergoing some internal changes at the moment, and while I'm hoping that this won't affect your experience as a reader, you can already see that we're several days late this month. My hope is that this will be the last time we're this late—the point of internal changes is, as ever, to improve the site and your experience with it—and I thank you for your patience as we sort things out internally.

We're also looking into a redesign of the site pretty soon! Donít worry—if we manage to get things set up for a redesign, it will not affect the functionality of the site. We won't be taking it down to work on it this time, but we do hope that you'll be very pleased with the result.

As for this month's issue, you'll see that we've got our second installment of "Dead Air," IROSF's first-ever horror column. If you missed the column's debut, you can read it hereand I think you'll find our other offerings this month equally exciting.

Some of you may be waiting—with bated breath, surely!—for more details on the IROSF party that I mentioned in last month's editorial. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the party has been moved—but it is definitely still happening! Instead of this coming weekend in downtown Seattle, we'll be partying down in Portland at Orycon, which falls during Thanksgiving weekend this year. If you're planning to go to Orycon, be sure to swing by, say hello, get involved in our raffle, and help us fundraise!

If you're not going to be at Orycon this year but want to help us out, don't forget we have a donation button, which allows you to give until your heart's content—and we also have our Café Press page, where you can get great things from T-shirts to mugs to stuffed bears! Plenty of swag for you or the IROSF fan in your life—and you can be absolutely sure that we appreciate every small bit that comes to us.

I hope to meet a lot of new faces this year at Orycon, and also hope this season finds you well, whichever hemisphere or weather pattern you're in. Enjoy this month's IROSF!

Copyright © 2009, Stacey Janssen. All Rights Reserved.

About Stacey Janssen

Stacey was born and raised in Southern California. She worked dispatch for several years before moving to Seattle in 2006, and graduated from Seattle University with a BA in Creative Writing in 2009. She now writes video game content by day. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Internet Review of Science Fiction.


Nov 8, 00:53 by IROSF
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