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  • Geb Brown

Publisher: Bluejack

October, 2009 (Vol. VI: #10)


Ghouls, Ghosts, and...Galas?

Our Halloween offerings and a chance to party with us--inquire within!


The Coming Dark

A look at Australian dark fantasy--and why it might hit too close to home.

Ghosts and Demons

An Interview with Aliette de Bodard

From influences to language, de Bodard shares what shapes her writing and her life.


At the Mountains of Misperception

Dead Air 1

Oh, horror, you have such a mountain of misperceptions to overcome before everyone will take you seriously.

Waiting for the Innovators

Signals 25

Talking about things doesn't change the future. Doing things does.

Con Report

Readercon 20

A con with no costumes? Can such a thing really be?


Danger Will Robinson

Writing is like running a race blindfolded--if you quit too soon, you won't know how close you were.

Jar Jar Binks Must Die

Is Star Wars really as infallible as some would lead us to believe?

All Work and No Play

What Science Fiction Leaves Out of the Future #3

Don't we ever get to have fun?


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Review of Alan Moore's Graphic Novel

What works and what doesn't.

Short Fiction, October 2009

The good, the better, the best...and all of the rest.